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rendered from ArchiCAD - contact us for credits

There’s a lot of opportunity out there!

You already know this if you’re in Real Estate or CAD Design.

We’re looking for sales agents who are in one of these industries already. For example, if you’re a real estate agent who sells lots, it’s a natural second step: sell design services.

We provide CAD design and rendering services, like the rendering above, to lot owners, homeowners who want to do major remodeling, architecture firms and engineers who want to outsource.

We will pay 20% of the gross / sale for agents who refer us. For a $1900 project that’s $380 for the referral and simple follow-up to ensure 100% satisfaction!







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Floor Framing Steel PDF

Example of Our Work






“We needed Structural Engineering design work done. CEM provided services for 1/4 the cost & in about half the time as local quotes we received.”