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Our Background –

 We decided to compete in CAD services after going through the design process for our home on Maui. We were looking for a Structural Engineer who could provide drawings for our framing; we found an excellent engineer all right, but he did his work by hand with written notes. We searched for a company to convert all of that to CAD drawings and input all of the notes; we were quoted a time frame of 6 to 8 weeks and a cost of $4000!

So we hired a virtual team to do the job for much less cost and turned it around in about a week. Now we offer similar services – from concept to ArchiCAD or concept to AutoCAD & Revit for a much more affordable price. And we provide quick turnaround!

Our team includes Structural Engineers, Architects and other talented designers; our part includes diligent project management and Quality Assurance.


Rendered from ArchiCAD using Revit

Rendered from ArchiCAD using Revit (TM)

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Services For Architects & Engineers           Services For Lot Owners & Homeowners


    Starting with a Concept or hand drawn rough drafts…


    …For Wood or Steel Frame Homes.



    We will input to your favorite CAD program…


    …And Manage Your Project to Ensure High Quality.



    Output includes PDF files as well as CAD…


    …Or Any of Our Numerous Other Options.




    Once we receive your files we will provide a detailed quote; you’ll get the file output(s) you want and a clear schedule of deliveries and cost. You will see that we deliver value for pricing in terms of saving you time as well. For example, saving 2 to 4 weeks on converting hand-drawn plans to CAD might save you up to one month rent on your current home or condo!

    We can Provide 3D Images and 2D (and aspire to match the quality of the video below)!




    After receiving your deposit we get to work; we have staff working around the clock to speed up your project. We know that you want to get all the design work done so that you can start building your dream home.

    We have recently started offering 3D conversion as well.


    We can return files to you in smaller batches or all at once; the benefit of the former is that your engineer(s) and architect can start reviewing some files right away.



    **We send you files in CAD format (typically .dwg, compatible with ArchiCAD and AutoCAD) and PDF for easy viewing.

    We work with residential steel framing design as well as wood.


    Our Standards

    We will Convert Your Files to CAD and Guarantee Our Work!

      • We will Ensure You Receive the Highest Quality Work, or We’ll Make it Right
      • Hawaii and +49 states.


    We Also Work Directly with Industry Professionals

    This video Licensed from Videvo by CAD Express Maui / MGI

    Architects, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers and Landscape Design Pros!

    We would like to provide a quote for you on your projects. We can save you time converting from rough drafts to CAD format(s). Contact Us Now.


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